Cactus Quilting Services

I hear all the time that picking fabric and cutting it are the hardest part of Judy Niemeyer classes.  So I have set up time for you to have some 1-on-1 time with me.  Also for those that would like to learn more about Quiltster, here is your chance.  Did you know it is not just for paper piecing patterns?

All of the services are done at Cactus Quilting.   Please schedule below for your service, if you can't do it on one of my open days, message me and let's get together.  Contact me for any questions using the "contact me" button below.

  • Your pattern, your way!

    50 min

  • Want to take a class but don't want to cut the fabric?

    45 min

    Fee varies on size

  • Personal training on the Quiltster program!

    40 min


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